Video - 2 Indian Girls Taking Drugs very shameful!!

Video – 2 Indian Girls Taking Drugs very shameful!!


We are currently supporting 23 different sikh families who have an addict or two in there house hold.
The affect this has upon the family is a really hard and stressful time for all them. It sends a ripple affect thru all them be it young children, be it the partner, or be it the parent.
Please support us in our drink and drug addiction campaign, we are currently looking for volunteers to support or help with this please get in contact with Sikh Youth Birmingham.
Help make that difference which can Support and change lives.
Currently our youth are holding forums on Friday night at baba sang, we encourage all parents and the wider community out there send them to our forums, learn about life become street wise and encourage all of us to do positive work.
Most of our youth are in pubs and clubs on Friday abusing drugs and alcohol,
We at Sikh Youth Birmingham are reaching out to those people, that are caught in a world and life of addiction, and helping them see sense and help them realise that is no life for a sikh.