Sukhpal Khaira Challenges Sukhbir Badal To Go In Punjab Villages Without Security

Sukhpal Khaira Challenges Sukhbir Badal To Go In Punjab Villages Without Security

Congress dismisses the much hyped Sadbhavana rally as a cheap government sponsored political gimmick, dares the Badal duo to venture out anywhere in Punjab minus their jumbo security paraphernalia, to check their popularity :- Khaira

To gather 50,000 or a lac people through gross misuse of government machinery and by alluring the poor with money, liquor etc. is no big achievement, as is being projected by the Badals and their mouthpiece PTC channel.

As we are aware, the Badal duo had pressed the entire civil and police machinery into 24X7 mode to ensure a crowd. DTO’s by armtwisting private transport companies of Punjab snets buses to each and every village of Malwa, to ferry people into the venue.

In order to allure people, Sarpanches had announced through Gurudwara loudspeakers that all pending dues of MNREGA workers, pensions of old and widowed, ration to “Atta-Dal” card holders would be ensured to all those who participate in the rally.

In other words, the gathering was completely non Akali in character, non responsive, disinterested and was actually a crowd of MNREGA workers, Anganwari workers, pensioners, Atta-Dal beneficiaries and policemen in plain clothes. It was a captive gathering merely to put up a brave face for their utter failure on all fronts by the Badal clan. Not more than 100 odd paid goons of the Badals responded to the repeated sloganeering from the stage, while the crowd was lack luster and un-attentive.

Photos of Akali workers distributing liquor boxes in buses after the rally have gone viral on the social media, which only goes to show that besides the misuse of government machinery, money and liquor also played a big role to gather people. It is now amply clear, that it was less of a Sadbhavna rally and more of a “Santra-Rasbhari” (read cheap liquor brands) rally.

Congress challenges the Badal duo to clarify the following facts of their dubious, nefarious and anti-national role played before accusing the Congress of vitiating peace in Punjab:-

  1. Can Sh. Badal deny the fact that he burnt a copy of the Constitution on 27th February 1984 before the Parliament, seeking amendment in Article 25 Clause (B) Para II?

  2. Can Sh. Badal deny creating a force of one lac “Marjiwra’s” (death squads) before the Akal Takhat in 1982 during the “Dharam-Yudh” morcha, for an armed struggle against the Indian state?

  3. Can Sh. Badal deny meeting the then visiting UNO Secretary General Boutras Boutras Ghali at Delhi in 1992, to demand a sovereign Sikh state of Khalistan?

  4. Is it a fact that Sh. Badal attended the Bhog ceremony of then slain militant and KCF General Gurjant Singh Budhsinghwala and eulogized him in 1993?

  5. Is it correct that Sh. Badal gave a call to all Sikh officers and Jawans of the Indian army to desert their barracks after Operation Blue Star?

  6. Is it correct that it was the Badal duo that facilitated the surrender and subsequent rehabilitation of top militant Wassan Singh Jaffarwal and now organizer of Sarbat-Khalsa?

Hence, the Congress advises the Badal duo to check the facts and introspect before maliciously and falsely accusing it for the current crises.

It’s a pity that the President of Akali Dal i.e. the junior Badal needs full blown security and the help of SGPC task force even to visit Darbar Sahib, the pivot and headquarters of Panthic politics. In the same breath, Congress dares the Badal clan to venture out in any part of Punjab without their jumbo security, to check their real popularity.
video: ABP Sanjha