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Sikh man Saved Life of blind man who fell on Train Track

Boston: A Sikh named Gurtej Singh has set an example by rescuing a visually impaired man after he fell on train tracks of a subway in Boston.

Note – its news 3 -may -2015

As per media reports a man didn’t notice warning signs on the track and fell on the subway tracks of Park Street MBTA at around 10 am on May 01. The next train was on it’s way his life was in danger. After Gurtej Singh noticed that the man was in danger, he jumped onto the tracks to lift him out of dangers way.

“Underground train stations can often be accident zones, more so for people who are visually challenged. A few hours ago, in Boston, one such man accidentally fell onto the Red Line tracks. Hearing his screams, commuters rushed to his help to save him before anything worse could happen. One of the first persons to jump in to his help was a Sikh man named Gurteg Singh” notes

“I heard a scream and when I looked up I saw someone tumbling onto the tracks. He’s blind so there’s no way he could see his footing or step up to try to pull himself”, said Gurtej Singh.

“In the moment fight flight sort of kicked in so I jumped in to try push him up, try to give him leverage and help the people on the platform pull him up,” Daily Sikh Updates quote Gurtej Singh.

I didn’t think twice to help as my religion teaches me to do help others, said Gurtej Singh.

The man was taken to the hospital and released after evaluation.

Gurtej-Singh-Boston save a people.

Transit officials say a visually impaired man fell onto the subway tracks at Park Street Station in Boston and was rescued by fellow travelers who pulled him back up onto the platform.

Officials with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority say the man fell onto the Red Line tracks shortly before 10 a.m. Friday. Authorities say he appeared to make contact with the electrified third rail, but wasn’t seriously hurt.

The man was brought to Tufts Medical Center as a precaution and was discharged.

Subway surveillance video shows the man walk onto the yellow warning part of the platform, lose his balance and fall onto the tracks. Two people on the platform pulled him back up, and a third person jumped onto the tracks to help.

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