Shaheed Bhai Gurdial Singh | 13th April 1978 | 1978 Vaisakhi Massacre

Shaheed Bhai Gurdial Singh | 13th April 1978 | Shaheedi Purab | 1978 Vaisakhi Massacre | Read below in Punjabi

Shaheed Bhai Gurdial Singh 13th April 1978Bhai Gurdial Singh was born in 1946 in the village of Modai in Amritsar. His parents were Mata Gulab Kaur and S. Sohan Singh. He was married to Bibi Jagir Kaur and they had four children.Bhai Gurdial Singh began by reciting Gurbani from a ‘Laridaar Saroop’ where the Guru Granth Sahib is composed of words linked together. Eventually, he learned to perform whole Akhand Paaths and he carried out this seva in his local area, but never took any money in return. In 1976, Gurdial Singh was blessed with the gift of Amrit and as well as rising early each day to recite Nitnem and other Bani’s, he also studied religious books, at the time of his Shaheedi he was reading ‘Gurmat Nirnai Bhandar’.Bhai Gurdial Singh’s personality made such an impression on his local villagers, that many other Sikhs also took Amrit. He was a respected figure in his locality, always organizing Gurdwara programs and other religious events.The day before the Vaisakhi of 1978, Bhai Gurdial Singh went to Amritsar to pay his respects at the Guru’s Darbar and bathe in the Amrit Sarowar. He also wished to meet Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. The following day on April 13th 1978, after his morning Ishnaan and Nitnem, he went to listen to the Kirtan at Manji Sahib. It was at this point he answered the call to join the other Gursikhs in a peaceful protest which led to his martyrdom.Dhan Guru Dhan Guru Pyare! Parnaam Shaheeda Nu!

Shaheed Bhai Gurdial Singh

Shaheed Bhai Gurdial Singh

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