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School Wall Torn Down For Sukhbir Badal’s Entry Amid Protests at Mansa Gurdwara Sulisar Sahib

Reportedly, the wall of Gurdwara Sulisar Sahib in Mansa was torn down to for the entry of Sukhbir Badal for an Akhand Paath organized by the SGPC called the ‘Paschtachap Samagam.’


The authorities feared for junior Badal’s safety and brought him from the backside of the premises which is connected with Sahibzaada Jujhar Singh public school where he landed. The protesting sangat wasn’t allowed near the premises.

The sangat protested loudly outside and in response Sukhbir Badal was quoted in a punjabi newspaper saying “those who aren’t respected at their homes come out to protest.”

Later in the day, the Head Granthi of Gurdwara Sulisar Sahib, Mansa resigned from his post after the events at the Gurdwara Sahib.

According to Hindustan Times (HT): [d]espite the district administration’s best efforts to ensure a smooth programme at the bhog ceremony of the akhand path at Gurdwara Sulisar Sahib at Kotdharmu village, Sukhbir’s visit was not without controversy.

The move to demolish wall of school to make way for Sukhbir Badal was reportedly slammed by social groups who said that even trees were cut on the school premises to ensure a smooth landing of the helicopter.

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