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Sarbat Khalsa Statement :- Simranjit Singh Mann Clarifying It | Vaisakhi 2016 Sarbat Khalsa

A video surfaced on social networks where Simranjit Singh Mann is heard saying that another Sarbat Khalsa isn’t necessary for another 50 years. The interview with a radio network appears to have been taken out of context and Simranjit Singh Mann has issued a statement clarifying it.

He States:

On 13th November 2015 on a radio show I made a mistake. I was interviewed on Dhanowalia’s Radio show where I said the Vaisakhi 2016 Sarbat Khalsa won’t be called, but resolutions in the November 10, 2015 Sarbat Khalsa will be carried forward. There is also a resolution calling for another Sarbat Khalsa, I made a mistake in my interview and would like to apologize to Sikh sangat.

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An audio of a radio interview with Simranjit Singh Mann stating “won’t be a Sarbat Khalsa for 50 years” has gone viral. Simranjit Singh Mann is heard repeatedly saying there won’t be a Sarbat Khalsa for 50 years.

The audio has created many to be outraged over Mann’s comments. Initially, a Sarbat Khalsa was announced for Vaisakhi of 2016 but Simranjit Singh Mann appears to be backtracking. Many on social media are pointing fingers at Mann stating he hijacked the Sarbat Khalsa event for his own political benefit.
 Now, whether the audio is authentic or not hasn’t been determined but it has gone viral on social networks.