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Re-Discovery History: Guru Nanak dev Ji Stoped a Rock at Sikkim -Chungthang


Guru Nanak visited Chungthang after Gurudongmar, Thanggu and Lachen. As he was seated downhill, he was flocked by locals. A demonic-attitude person could not bear people under his influence to go to the guru. In anger he rolled a huge boulder downwards. Guru Nanak stopped the rolling boulder with his stick and to address people climbed up the boulder. Since it had wet earth, his footprints got etched into the boulder. Seeing his miraculous escape more people thronged to him and requested for water and food items. Guru Nanak scratched the earth and a fountain appeared. He spread the rice he had and buried the banana leaves. Later there was rice and bananas all over. He planted the stick which became a magnificent tree. Assam Rifles later camped here and made a Gurdwara in 1970s at the place.

The present Gurdwara structure at Chungthang was built by officers of the Assam Rifles and Army personnel with the help of the local Lepcha tribe in the early eighties. The area was restricted to service personnel and local people due to its strategic location near the border with China from the early eighties to 2005. The Assam rifles were transferred in September 2004 raising problems for the upkeep for the the Gurdwara. Before moving out Assam Rifles handed over the Gurdwara complex to the gaon burha. It took 6 months before the ITBP came. Between this period the local lama in conjunction with the gaon burha (sarpanch) converted the boulder complex into Boddh complex and with the help of Tourism department twin boundary walls were constructed and all the signs of Guru Nanak were removed and were later attributed to Beja Guru as can be seen from the board.
Latest Positions

At Chungthang entire stone complex converted as of Buddhist Veja Guru. The episode of Guru Nanak is now connected to Veja guru in place and a new board displayed to this effect. A wall has been created between Rice fields and Gurdwara. Bananas are not seen. A tower is erected along with the new Gurdwara. Name of Guru Nanak has been removed from main gate.

At Lachen, Robe, footprints and kamandal belonging to Guru Nanak are no more being shown to Sikhs.

At Gurudongmar, there was no monument or flag of any religion in 1970. Gurdwara and Nishan Sahib and a board giving details of Guru Nanak’s visit to the place came up in nineteen eighties. After 22 years, a yellow (Hindu) flag came up in 2002 and later a small box type Mandir was erected seeing the visitors and large fund collection. The development was reported in ‘The Sikh Review’ May 2001 [20] issue. The photos show the situation in 2002 as published in Col Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal’s book, Amazing Travels of Guru Nanak, May 2002, and So Than Suhawa, 2002, published by Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Sri Amritsar. Case was taken up by Col Grewal with President SGPC S. Gurcharan Singh Tohra, who took it up with the then Def Min George Fernandez. He told Army Chief not to disturb Gurdwara. Accordingly Mandir and flag were removed. But again in 2005, a Sarav Dharma Mandir was created by Army. As per report from Siliguri Gurdwara Committee Sikkim Govt took over the Gurdwara complex in 2007, in connivance with the Army Commander of Sukhna clandestinely and converted it to a Boddhi complex as can be seen in video. It is important to get a Gurdwara with independent identity and sanctity constructed at Gurudongmar for development of Sikhism. Baba Surinder Singh kar sewa wale is already eager to build this complex if given the signal.

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