gurbani parde same need keo

Q&A on Gurbani parhne samey neend kyo aandi hai ?

As part of the Basics of Sikhi India Tour 2015, Jagraj Singh visited Amritsar to do Katha and Talks – see our Punjabi Katha playlist and the Q&A Sessions were recorded afterwards. Question was ‘Gurbani parhne samey neend kyo aandi hai?’

Keo ki Sano gurbani de arth nai pata hunde te te ja fir sdda koe pakaa nitneem nahi hunda

Bhai Jagraj says when one feels rested he feels sleepy. He says Paath gives happiness and one becomes rested, happy and falls asleep. The other reason provided by Bhai Sahib is that a person doesn’t have a routine of doing paath will fall asleep. He emphasizes that a routine is important so that the brain can understand this is the time I must stay awake.

The sleep comes usually if one follows the process. One recommendation given was due to a cold water bath so that mind stays alert.