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Punjab Police Fabricates Case Upon Critically Injured Rupinder Singh In Bargadi Beadbi Case

Yesterday, several media channels in Punjab had broadcast the news of arrest of two Sikhs brothers held responsible for sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib ji in Bargadi.  In particular, the PTC Channel and Punjab Kesri were prominent among those who highlighted the “breakthrough” in the 4 month old case.

However, as opposed to the Punjab Police’s claim that two Sikh brothers committed beadbi for financial gains, Sikh leaders have shared a different prospective.

Paramjit Singh Khalsa, former Akali Dal supporter and member of the Sikh Student Federation, today exposed the Government and the Punjab Police for leveling false charges upon the two brothers.  In an interview with Harwinder Riar of “Ajj Da Mudda”, Paramjit Singh said that Rupinder Singh, one of the brothers, was actually critically injured when the police used force upon the Sikhs in Kotkapura.  “His backbone was broken due to intense beating by the police, however he refused to leave the site of the protest until the police arrested the culprits behind Guru Granth Sahib’s beadbi,” he said.

Following are the facts disclosed by Paramjit Singh –

  • When the angs were found scattered in Bargadi village, instead of cremating them, they were kept in a palanquin (palki sahib) at Rupinder Singh’s house by the Sikh Sangat.
  • When the police charged over the peaceful Sikh protesters, Rupinder Singh was particularly targeted because he refused to leave the protest.
  • He was arrested on October 16 as he refused to get treatment despite broken backbone.
  • Failing to find the culprits and facing growing pressure due to protests, police yesterday charged Rupinder Singh and his brother for committing the sacrilege in Bargadi.
  • Although 5 arrests have been made by the police, none of the arrested persons have yet been produced in court.  Three of them have been shown with their faces covered, leading to suspicion over the credibility of the arrests.

Rupinder Singh and his brothers are residents of village Panjgrain. VIA SIKH 24

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