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PTC News :- Khas Mulaqaat with MS Bitta | Sarbat Khalsa

PTC Channel which is allegedly said owned by Ruling family of Punjab Badal family has done interview with Maninjit Bitta regarding Sarbat Khalsa. Well Its not first time that Badals shown support to anti sikh people. Before Bitta.

Bitta who is often given media coverage for his views against the Sikh freedom movement, made wild claims against Bapu Surat Singh and questioned who is he to ask for release of prisoners. Maninderjit Bitta even said if Surat Singh is dying then let him die.

Badal govt has arrested Sarbat Khalsa organizers and have made tight security arrangements around jails where Sikh leaders who hosted and attended Sarbat Khalsa are housed, Each Jail Superintendent has at least 150 policemen under his command to ensure foolproof security.

video: PTC news

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