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Pictures & Video :- What is This ?? Pakhandi Sadh Kavi Raj singh ; Mob.No – 9311541854.

This is kesh darshan camp by Kavi Raj singh  Mob.No – 9311541854.

This is IIGS Camps! This used to be a great Gurmat camper organization 30 years ago. This organization is degrading. This is a “Kes Darshan” program by them which is nothing but a virtual fashion show. This is against GurMaryada as there are RehatnAmas in place. Hold these fashion shows in Bombay not in Guru’s Hazuri and using his Gurmat names! Pathetic !

A group lead by a Pakhandi Baba whose name hasn’t yet been identified committed sacrilege of Sikh slogans openly. The group shouted all major Sikh slogans openly with their hair open around what it appears as a college campus.

It hasn’t been determined yet for what reason or what event the persons were raising slogans over. The persons appeared to be mocking the slogans and or making fun of the words rather than raising them for a cause.

Some persons in the group can be seen wearing kirpans. Almost all of the persons in the group appeared to show open hair.


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What is This Pakhandi Sadh Kavi Raj singh (kesh darshan camp ) read in Punjabi.