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Must Watch Video Dharmik Geet – Shaheed Bhai Harjinder Singh ‘Jinda’- Life Story

Dharmik Geet in tribute to Shaheed Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda and other shaheeds in the aftermath of the Indian Government led attack (codenamed Operation Bluestar) in 1984. Recorded at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall, Havelock Rd.

Bhai Harjinder Singh was born in 1961, Bhai Gulzar Singh and Bibi Gurnam Kaur, and had two older brothers, Bhai Nirbhail Singh and Bhai Bhupinder Singh and one sister, Bibi Balvinder Kaur.

Shaheed Bhai Harjinder Singh'Jinda'-Life Story
Shaheed Bhai Harjinder Singh ‘Jinda’-Life Story

He received his early education in his village of Gadli in dist. Amritsar. After completing his early education, he enrolled in Khalsa College Amritsar. He was in BA part II when the 1984 attack occurred. Like every other Sikh, Bhai <align=”center”>Harjinder Singh’s blood boiled at the news. He left his studies and joined the Sikh movement.

When the Darbar Sahib complex was under army control, he along with other Sikhs from his village marched to free it, but the armies attacks and abuse on the way forced them to return home.

Bhai Harjinder Singh then went to his maternal grandparents’ home in Baiee Chak,  Ganganagar Rajasthan. Along with his cousin, Baljinder Singh Raju and his friend Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sukha, they decided to take revenge for the disrespect shown to the Gurdwaras.

Bhai Baljinder Singh was arrested by the police and was horribly tortured. Hearing about this, Bhai Sukhdev Singh and Bhai Harjinder Singh were even more enraged.

Bhai Harjinder Singh and Bhai Sukhdev Singh made Delhi the centre of their activities. Delhi was where the 1984 pogroms had taken place. The government began to broadcast the pictures of these Singhs on TV and the killers who had taken part in the November massacre were afraid to leave their houses.

At one point, Bhai Jinda was arrested by the Delhi police, but managed to escape from Ahmedabad jail.

Bhai Sukhdev Singh and Bhai Harjinder Singh then decided to punish the general who had planned the 1984 Darbar Sahib attack: General Arun. S. Vaidya After retiring from the army, Vaidya had moved to Poona. Bhai Harjinder Singh and Bhai Sukhdev Singh had reunited in Punjab and went to Poona together. They arrived on August 17, 1986. They went to the house that Vaidya was living at, to find he had moved. They asked the servant in the house where Vaidya had moved to but he wasn’t clear and they had trouble understanding his language. They went in the general direction and a couple days later saw Vaidya’s guard outside the house. They began to make regular rounds to find when Vaidya would come out.

Gian Singh Surjit & Gurbachan Singh Hamdard - Jinda Jamiya (Dharmik Geet) vaidiya

On August 19, 1986 at around 11am, they saw Vaidya’s wife come out with an umbrella and the General followed. Vaidya himself was driving the car. He went to the Sabzil Mandi bazaar and bought sabji.. Bhai Harjinder Singh and Bhai Sukhdev Singh were on a motorcycle following them. When Vaidya was returning to his car, Bhai Harjinder Singh pulled the motorcycle beside the car and Bhai Sukhdev Singh began to shoot. Vaidya’s die on the spot.jinda te sukha

The Singhs shouted jaikaaray and made their getaway. The Singhs had also wanted to kill Gen. Dayal, another officer responsible for the attack, but decided now was not the time. They returned to the house they had rented, changed clothes and took a bus to Bombay. From there, they went to Durg and then Calcutta by train.

On September 17, 1986, Bhai Sukhdev Singh returned to Poona to get their weapons that were left there. He along with another Singh got into an accident with a truck and were arrested. They were tortured for five months and then for a year and a half were kept in leg irons.

A year later, Bhai Harjinder Singh and Bhai Satnam Singh Bawa were arrested from Delhi at Gurdwara Majnoo Daa Tilla. Bhai Harjinder Singh was shot in the legs so he couldn’t walk. They tried to cut his leg off as well but a Bengali doctor refused to allow this. Bhai Harjinder Singh was tortured for 4 months and then taken to Poona. Bhai Bawa was given to the Punjab police who then killed him.


In Poona, Bhai Sukhdev Singh and the other Singhs had finished doing Ardas after Rehras Sahib, and then shouted Jaikaaray. Bhai Harjinder Singh was in a nearby cell and also shouted jaikaaray. Bhai Harjinder Singh had recognized Bhai Sukhdev Singh’s voice. Finally the two had been reunited. They stayed together from there on in, and will also be remembered in history together as Sukha and Jinda.


The Indian Government executed Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda and Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sukha on October 9, 1992 in Pune. They were responsible for punishing Gen. Vaidya the architect of the 1984 attack on Sri Darbar Sahib. They had tracked him down and shot him dead and in the process, restored the honour and dignity of the Sikh people.

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