Pictures :-Peaceful Protester Many Sikhs Injured Shots Fired at Kotakpura, Moga

Peaceful protester shot with live rounds by the Moga police and wounded. Critical condition.

Shocking news coming from Panjab, 3 Sikhs have become Shaheed due to police brutality, hundreds of sikh men women have been injured. the government is bent of killing Sikhs and Sikhi.

The beadbi of Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji our King of Kings, the killing of innocent Sikhs will be punished.

Other communities hold peaceful protests in india and Panjab, yet theres no firing or beatings.

The farmers have been protesting in panab for days blocking the railways yet nothing happens there, we are targeted and oppressed. wake up our leaders are fake and our vision is short term.

Rise up and become a leader, look towards world revolution’s they all started from the streets, we need to organise and work to a plan, without a vison and a plan our sacrifices go to waste.

We pay homage to all those Sikhs who are on the frontline taking bullets and beating for their Guruji.

We can help those injured and Shaheeds from here, we need to push the social media to make Sikhs in Panjab aware.

May Maharaaj give the panth the strength and vision to finish of what the Shaheeds started.

time is you either with the Panth or you are a puppet of the people out to destroy Sikhi.


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Many Sikhs Injured. Shots Fired.


Sikh Preachers Also Injured


Injured Shots Fired


Sikh protesters wounded by Moga police.