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As many of our readers are already aware, there is a cult located in Sirsa, Haryana known by the name ‘Sacha Sauda’. Currently, this cult is surrounded by many controversies and criminal cases as well as being a den of unholy and immoral practices. The name ‘Sacha Sauda’ is copied from a very famous story related to the early life of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in which Guru Sahib spent all the money entrusted to him by his father Mehta Kalu to feed some hungry saints instead of spending it in a business transaction. For Guru Sahib, the real business or the real deal is the one in which the hungry and poor are fed, clothed, and attended to. Hence, the name of this story is being used by the cult to misguide gullible people into thinking that the cult is a part of Sikhi.

Kanwar Grewal at Dera Sirsa | Ram Rahim Birthday Program 

The stark reality is that it is an off-shoot of the Radha Swami cult head-quartered in Beas, Punjab. Many of the teachings of this cult are directly copied from the Sikh principles and after being adultered are repackaged and sold off under the cult’s own brand name. The cult’s current leader, Gurmeet Raam Rahim is notorious for his criminal and immoral activities. With the Indian government’s backing, this particular cult has attacked Sikh ideals, insulted the Sikh Gurus, and engaged in numerous violent clashes with the Sikh nation in the last 10 years.

A cursory look at the core teachings of the cult reveals that it has nothing unique to offer to any human being. The cult itself claims to be a “confluence of all religions” which is not only a contradictory and an absurd statement but simply put, ridiculous. What then is the need to keep a human (GRR in this case) to serve as a middleman to reach God. The fundamental beliefs of Hinduism, Islam, or Christianity are wholly missing from this cult’s teachings. Nonetheless, the cult remains adamant about its falsehood and absurd claims. The cult has taken popular symbols and teachings of other faiths and combined them into one to form its own contrasting viewpoint. source from doabamedia.com