Video Special Reports :- Jathedar Surat Singh Khalsa | Reply To The Video Allegedly Published By Government Agencies

LUDHIANA, Punjab—In a reply to the video allegedly published by Government agencies, Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa has stated that the Government has played its final move.  He said that the Government had threatened him multiple times of such attacks.  Bapu Ji has stated his martyrdom will be an ultimate answer to such propaganda by the Government.

Talking with Sikh24, Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa explained that the former Director General of Punjab Police Sumedh Saini had threatened him at the PGI Chandigarh, citing that the had proof against Bapu Ji.  Bapu Surat Singh added that he couldn’t understand Saini’s threats till publishing of this video.

Bapu Ji explained that the Punjab government tried to negotiate with him close to a dozen times, but each time he refused their offers.  About eating food at the hospital, Bapu Ji clarified that he wasn’t aware of when it.  “Consciously, I have not even taken a bite of food since I started the hunger strike,” said Bapu Ji, adding that, “In order to respond to the Government’s malice attempts, I am going to stop the intake of water as well.”

Bapu Ji’s son Bhai Ravinder Jeet Singh Gogi had earlier clarified that his father was given drugs that made him unconscious and the Government’s personnel made him eat food. sources from Sikh 24

Video from Sikh Channel