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Jammu police have shown their barbaric face; human being is killed for demanding his rights?

Dal Khalsa on police firing on Sikhs in Jammu  4 -6-2015 Date

Amritsar: Pro-freedom Sikh organizations Dal Khalsa has strongly condemned the killings of a Sikh Jagjeet Singh .who was protesting against the detention of some youths by city police. Party leaders Satnam Singh and Kanwar Pal Singh said the BJP has a complete hold on Jammu administration and it was this party who nurtures hatred against Sikhs and Muslims.

Jammu kasmir R S Pura Sikh youth died in police firing 3

Dal Khalsa leaders said the BJP was playing dangerous game and in order to silence the voices of minorities they had given free hand to police and security forces. They said the removing of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale’s posters that led to the outrage was state’s design aimed to provoke Sikh youth. They said the Jammu police has unleashed a reign of terror on protesting Sikhs and showed their barbaric face.

They said the police barbarism was repeat of what they have been doing with the valley Muslims since decades. They called upon the Chief Minister to ensure strict action against the police officers who had taken law into their hands. “All soft talks of Mufti Sahib has fell flat”.

Pro-freedom Kashmiri leader terms Jammu police action against Sikhs as worst kind of state terrorism

Srinagar: While strongly condemning the killing of an innocent person of the Sikh community in Jammu who were protesting the removal of the posters of their beloved leader by the police, Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference termed this police action as worst kind of state terrorism.

He said that protests happen everywhere in the world and to protest is the right of every person but Jammu & Kashmir is the only unfortunate region of the world where the protests are silenced with bullets and atrocities. Geelani Sahab questioned that where does it happen in the world that a human being is killed for demanding his rights?

Killing of innocents and then project them violators and miscreants has become the norm of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Hurriyat chairman said that the present communal government in India is an acute threat for the entire minority of this country and they are in hurry to accomplish their communal agendas. While remembering the Golden Temple massacre on the 31st anniversary of the attack over the Darbar Sahab and Akal Takth (Golden Temple) in which hundreds of innocent Sikhs were brutally killed, Geelani Sahab expressed his heartfelt sympathy and solidarity with the Sikh community.

While expressing his sympathy with the families of the Sikhs who were brutally killed during the operation blue star and 1984 anti-Sikh genocide when Indra Gandhi was killed, Geelani Sahab said that the minorities in India are treated as second class citizens and their life, property, honour, dignity and even religious places are not safe here. The pro-freedom leader said that although the India claims to be the big democracy of the world but this claim is just a claim and it has no relevance with the reality, because the minorities in India are not treated equally and their rights are not delivered to them in a transparent way for which they are eligible by worth of being the citizens of this country.

He said that since the Kashmiris are the subjugated and oppressed people and India have forcibly occupied their land and made them slaves, so we better understand the pain and agony of any nation, who are being oppressed and who are being treated like animals. Geelani Sahab termed the today’s killing of an innocent protester as cruel and barbaric and condemned it in strong words. via sikhsiyasat

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Damdami Taksal
maker on jammu singh case
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