Jalandhar :- Shiv Sainiks Member Raises Abusive Slogans Against Sikh Panth

Jalandhar, Punjab: Hindu shopkeepers had clashed with Sikh protesters as they attempted to get the shops forcibly closed in Mai Hira Gate area.

This is what was reported by the media but some video footage from the day shows a member of the Shiv Sena raising slogans against the Sikh faith with the rest of the crowd joining in and repeating after him.


According to Police Commissioner Yurinder Singh Hayer and Deputy Commissioner Kamal Kishore who had reached the spot, both sides resorted to stone throwing and brandished swords. From this footage it is clear who had instigated the events which led to the clashes.

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Khalsa ji Tusi Video wich dekh sakde ho kive Shiv sena wale nu police wala pyaar nall lae ke ja ria ha

je ess jaga te singh hun oss oper lathi charj kita jana c  (mare kehn da pav eh nahi ke oss oper vi lathe chaj kita jaee pr sikha nall vadiki keo ??)