bandi singh di rehi li

In a few mints “above 50 Sikh member will be arrested”

Bapu Surat singh arrested singh release for agree the MORCHA and awake for the government now lead to first JATHA going to arrested.According to the first announced program singh of JATHA have grouped in Fatehgarh sahib

in the followings names of JATHA members:-

Dr Manjinder Singh

Judy Dal Khalsa,

Harpal Singh Cheema of Panch Pardhani,

Jasbir Singh Khandoor Panch Pardhani

Bhai Mohkam Singh United Akali Dal,

Bhai Amrik Singh Ajnala Taksal

Bhai Gurpreet Singh of Sikh Youth of Punjab,

Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Satkar Sabha Haryana

within 50 to above singh’s will arrest

Keep in the mind “After the religion with indian govt.  with the struggle sikh has many sikh youth different different Cases intern india jails Whose sentences be fulfilled despite not being released.To release for these Singh’s old Bapu Surat Singh ji still sit on hunger strike in 120 days but india Government did not aware Sikh voice 


So after that from singh Jathebandi to increase the struggle to expedite arrests had been announced  

After a few minutes these JATHA will be reached at the badal house from Fatehgarh sahib to Chandigarh.. 

In Video Clip Bhai Gurdeep Singh Bathinda