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Hospital Refuses to Give Treatment | Are Punjab Police Bullets Designed Just For Sikhs? Buta Singh’s Incredible Story Of Survival

Hospital Refuses to Give Treatment

The horrific police brutality unleashed on Sikh protestors in Kotkapura last month, left Gurjeet Singh and Kishan Bhagwan Singh shot dead. Many hundreds more were injured, some seriously. No-one has been held to account for the murderous rampage by the police, nor has there been any kind of investigation into how many shots were fired, who was injured or why it was allowed to happen in the first place. On behalf of Sikh Relief, our team has been visiting the victims to try and collate some of these details whilst offering assistance to help them recover.


We met young student, Buta Singh son of Balwinder Singh from Jaito in the district of Faridkot. He too, was serving langar alongside Gurjeet Singh and Kishan Bhagwan Singh, to the thousands of Sikhs who had gathered to protest against the lack of will shown by the state and police, to catch the culprits who stole and desecrated the sacred Guru Granth Sahib from the village of Bargari.

But instead of addressing the valid complaint of the community, the police were ordered to use all force necessary to disband the protestors. Water cannons were turned on the sangat who were sat reciting their morning prayers; police vehicles were driven at the crowds; police officers charged at the protestors (including women, children and the elderly) beating them with their canes and live rounds were fired at the unarmed Sikhs.

In the hail of fire, Buta Singh was struck by a police bullet, yet even this was not enough for the police. It was obvious he was hurt and in a lot of pain but as he tried to limp to safety, the police beat him down with their canes. He managed to free himself and get 2 or 3 kilometres away. Having lost a lot of blood, he was rushed to Bathinda hospital where medical staff refused to remove the police bullet lodged in his thigh. Eventually Buta Singh’s distraught family managed to find a private doctor who, as long as he remained anonymous, was willing to treat him at his residence later that night. This is how the bullet was finally removed (see photo) and Buta Singh was able to come home to recover from his wounds.

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