Jarnail Singh Hamirgarh Demonstrates The Growing Wrath Of The Sikh Nation Against The Ruling Akali Dal

GGSMC Hospital in Faridkot :- Jarnail Singh Hamirgarh Demonstrates The Growing Wrath Of The Sikh Nation Against The Ruling Akali Dal

Ahead of today’s Akali Dal ‘Goodwill Rally’ organised by Sukhbir Badal and taking place in Bathinda, Rural Minister Sikander Maluka arrived in village Hamirgarh on Friday to address Akali supporters and try to whip up attendees for the upcoming rally in a show of strength aimed at undermining the gathering of the Sarbat Khalsa.

Listening to the lies in the Akali propaganda speech, was local villager 65-year-old Jarnail Singh who was sat in the front row. When it came to his turn to shake hands with the ‘VIP’ guest, Jarnail Singh demonstrated the disgust and growing wrath of the Sikh nation who have been continually looted, cheated, arrested, beaten and killed by the ruling Akali Dal party, by slapping Maluka squarely on the face.


The police officers present fell upon Jarnail Singh and together with the Akali ‘Youth Brigade’ (thugs) they beat Jarnail Singh continually for a couple of hours until he lost consciousness. He was then taken to the local Civil Hospital in Bhagta Bhaike, however upon seeing the seriousness of his injuries, doctors referred him to the Guru Gobind Singh Medical Hospital in Faridkot.

Rampura Phool police have registered a case of ‘intention to injure’ against Jarnail Singh, even though Maluka himself has given an interview in which he blatantly lies saying ‘there was no slap, it’s just a dirty rumour to defame the Akali’s, if I had been slapped how could I have continued to show my face among the people?’

Amandeep Singh from our Sikh Relief team has been to visit Jarnail Singh at the hospital in Faridkot and spoken with his family. We have offered full assistance and support for our respected elder Jarnail Singh, who stood up to the state oppressors. Such is the severity of his thrashing, that Jarnail Singh broke down several times while telling the doctors how he had been beaten black and blue until he passed out and he could not recall where his body was dumped or how he ended up in hospital.

We pray to Waheguru that Jarnail Singh makes a swift and speedy recovery.



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