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Full Video Report of Sikh Groups Give Voluntary Arrests in Support of Bapu Surat Singh's Morcha - Yesterday | Khalsa Force
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Full Video Report of Sikh Groups Give Voluntary Arrests in Support of Bapu Surat Singh’s Morcha – Yesterday

Note :- This new is 15-May-2015

Now :- Bapu Surat Singh support batch of Sikhs released after arrest and Statement of Badal..

(DSU News Bureau) Bapu Surat Singh Ji has been on hunger strike for the past 4 months for the release of Sikh Political prisoners who’ve served their sentenced terms.

Sikh Jathas decided on May 10 to give voluntary arrests to the Punjab police to send a message to the govt that firm demand for the release of Sikh prisoners. The Sikhs have decided that at least 1 Jatha will remain in police custody at all times.

When Bhai Ajnala was asked about the next plan of the morcha he said, “We won’t return to our homes until the Sikhs are released.”

 On the day same day, Gurbaksh Singh (Held 2 hunger strikes in the past) also arrived on the morcha site with government body guards. The Singhs refused to listen to him and sent him back.

The Sikhs have maintained the morcha will be peaceful and will continue until Sikhs prisoners are released

in the followings names of JATHA members:-

Dr Manjinder Singh

Judy Dal Khalsa,

Harpal Singh Cheema of Panch Pardhani,

Jasbir Singh Khandoor Panch Pardhani

Bhai Mohkam Singh United Akali Dal,

Bhai Amrik Singh Ajnala Taksal

Bhai Gurpreet Singh of Sikh Youth of Punjab,

Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Satkar Sabha Haryana

and more…

within 70 to above singh’s will arrest

Pictures of this time >>

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