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The most determined, charismatic .The 20th century’s great General the heart of the Sikh youth charismatic personality Sant Jarnail Singh Jee Bhindran Wale were born on 1947AD at village Rode Dist Faridkoth to Baba Joginder Singh and Mata Nihal Kaur Jee Baba Joginder Singh Jee was a dedicated sevadar of the Sikh Nation.

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Sant Jarnail Singh Jee took Amrit when he was about 5 years old and remaining committed to prayer was made his life long aim. Daily they would recite 110 JapJee Sahibs and the Panj Granthi whilst doing his farming duties. They remained at their village and were engrossed in meditations for 11 years. He had little formal education but his memory was astonishing. Sant Jee memorised the following Bani’s Dakhani Oankar in 1 day Sukhmani Sahib in 13 days and Sidh Gosht in 1 day and Asa Di Vaar in 8 hours.




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