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Detailed Report of Brutal Torture and Fake Encounters By Punjab Police

JANUARY 2011 – Illegal Detention, Torture And Killing Of Shaminder Singh (Shera) In India

Shaminder Singh (Shera) a young Sikh from a poor family and the only practising (Amritdhari) Sikh in Bagguwal village was picked by police in Nawanshahar district on 31 October 2010.

He was mercilessly thrashed and subjected to third-degree torture for 18 days as he refused to admit involvement in waging war against the Indian state. No case was registered against him.

According to his own words reported on television he would have been eliminated by the Indian Police in a police encounter. He overheard the police officers planning to eliminate him and managed to escape from police custody on 18 November.

He was later arrested from Patna where he revealed he had become the victim of police torture. Luckily for him the media listened and reported on his experience. A report published in the Hindustan Times on 3 December 2010 forced the Punjab and Haryana High Court into action. Following an investigation the court ordered a penalty of Rs 1 lakh on the state of Punjab for illegally detaining him and subjecting him to third-degree torture. The court also directed the state government on 3 January to take care of Shaminder Singh,

Two weeks later on 17 January Shaminder Singh and his brother Harwinder Singh were going to the Gurdwara in Bagguwal village when they were attacked by about 9-10 unidentified men with sharp edged weapons. It has been widely reported that the finger of blame is pointing squarely at the police. Shaminder Singh was admitted to hospital where he died several days later.

On 30 January the Punjab government (who were ordered by the Court to take care of Shaminder Singh) ordered a probe into the circumstances leading to the death of Shaminder Singh. This followed considerable media and other pressure.

Sikhs across the globe have been horrified watching television footage of Shaminder Singh’s treatment and brutal killing. The following is footage from Day and Night News:


17 Years old Sikh boy killed after being arrested by Punjab police | 

Human Rights Violations  | Killed in Punjab Police custody (January 2012)

Barnala, Punjab (January 9, 2012): Rports from Barnala, Punjab have confirmed the death of 17 year old Veer Singh ‘Heera’ while in police custody today.

According to Veer Singh’s family, their son was arrested and taken into custody for questioning by Inspector Rajesh Sunehi and 20 others on the afternoon of the 8th. The family claimed that they received no news of his whereabouts until the morning of the 9th when an unknown individual named ‘Mangat Singh’ dropped Veer Singh’s corpse off at the Barnala civil hospital.

Responding to the family’s allegations that Veer Singh was tortured and killed in police custody, Inspector Sunehi plead ignorance. According to the police, the 17 year old youth was taken to a railway station and released the same night of his arrest and suspicious death.

The court appointed magistrate, Jaswant Rai has since taken statements from all parties involved and said that appropriate action would be taken once results from the postmortem report are made public.

The Punjab Police, notorious for it’s human rights violations, was responsible for using brutal methods to crush the Sikh Independence Movement in the 80’s and early 90’s. According to Amnesty International, “thousands of ‘disappearances’ or extrajudicial executions were allegedly carried out by the police as part of a deliberate policy to eliminate armed opposition groups as well as their supporters.” Despite the end of militancy, extrajudicial executions and disappearances have not stopped in Punjab. The examples of Shaminder Singh Shera and Sohan Singh who were tortured and killed in police custody in 2011 are ample evidence of this fact.

Reacting to the allegations of custodial murder, Moninder Singh, spokesperson of the CSC, demanded that an independent investigation take place to apprehend Veer Singh’s murderers and punish them accordingly. He went on to say that, “corruption, a lack of accountability, and discriminatory policies and tendencies against minorities breed a culture of impunity within India’s security forces. It is this culture that encourages police officers to torture and kill innocent people.”


NOW Updated | British citizen Jagtar Singh Johal @ Jaggi’s ‘torture’ in Punjab

Jagtar Singh Johal, from Dumbarton, was taken from a street in the state of Punjab on 4 November.

He has not been charged with any crime, and his period on remand has now been extended until Friday.

The Sikh Federation has criticised the UK government’s response and said Mr Johal had made allegations of “extreme police torture”.

His lawyer claimed his client had been given electric shocks and subjected to “body separation techniques”.

The Foreign Office confirmed it is in contact with Mr Johal’s family and staff have requested consular access from the Indian authorities in a bid to monitor his welfare.

A spokesman added: “We take all allegations or concerns of torture and mistreatment very seriously and will follow up with action as appropriate.

“When considering how to act, we will avoid any action that might put the individual in question or any other person that may be affected at risk.”

The Indian authorities have not responded to requests for comment on the allegations.

Last week the chief minister of Punjab and the local police chief released a statement saying they were holding Mr Johal on grounds of financing the purchase of weapons used in the killing of prominent Hindu leaders in Punjab.

The 30-year-old – who was born in Scotland but was in India for his wedding – denies the allegations.

His brother, Gurpreet Singh Johal, said the family have had no access to him since his arrest.

Mr Johal’s MP Martin Docherty-Hughes and Preet Gil MP, who chairs the all-party Parliamentary Group for British Sikhs, have expressed concerns about the case.

Share Maximum | Official Statement by The Family of Jagtar Singh Johal alias Jaggi | #FreeJaggiNow


‘Brutal torture’

That period on remand has now been extended to 17 November.

In a statement posted on its official Facebook page, the Sikh Federation (UK) said: “In our view this is to allow the police to continue with their brutal torture to try and extract a false confession in the absence on any evidence against Jagtar Singh, who only visited Punjab this year to get engaged and married.

“His passport, that has been lodged by the family with the British High Commission in Delhi, proves he has not been to Pakistan as claimed by the police and the Chief Minister of Punjab.”

The Federation said the British High Commission and the Foreign Office had failed to attend the hearing, which directly resulted in the further three-day police remand.

Last week the Federation said it feared Mr Johal had been targeted over his work highlighting the Sikh genocide in 1984 and amid claims he was “influencing the youth through social media”.

LFHRI Releases Supplementary Report Regarding The Torture Of Jaspreet Singh @ Jassa And Three Other Youth By Cia Staff Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India

Pictures :- Brutal Torture of Jaspreet Singh Jassa by Punjab Police


In continuance to our report dated 21st Aug, the team of Lawyers of “Lawyers For Human Rights International” visited Hoshiarpur jail on 29th Aug 2016 and held a detailed interview with all the 4 tortured inmates. Since on our earlier visit to jail on 21st Aug all the Injured inmates were highly traumatised and our immediate concern was to get them proper medical care, so we had to visit again to get more additional details in supplement to our earlier report, which are as under :-


Jaspreet Singh @ Jassa and Hardeep Singh further elaborated that their torturecontinued for three continuous days, stretching to late hours of the night. They describe their treatment as following;-

Pictures Brutal Torture of Jaspreet Singh Jassa by Punjab Police
Pictures Brutal Torture of Jaspreet Singh Jassa by Punjab Police
  1. The first youth, Jaspreet Singh @ Jassa along with the second youth, Hardeep Singh were picked up by the Police on August 5, 2016, when they had gone to the Civil court complex (Tehsil) of Hoshiarpur .Jaspreet Singh @ Jassa is aged approximately 22 years old, is a Denter / Painter by profession and is also a Martial Arts(Gatka)teacher by passion and is married. Hardeep Singh is also around the same age, has a 12th grade education and is not married. The Police men that picked up both the youth came disguised in civilian clothing and took away both Jaspreet Singh @ Jassa and Hardeep Singh from outside of the Tehsil. As per, Jaspreet Singh @ Jassa and Hardeep Singh the police were from CIA staff police station Hoshiarpur and while taking away the boys the police covered the faces of the youth with their hands so that the youth could not be identified by the public while being nabbed. Both Jaspreet Singh @ Jassa and Hardeep Singh were tortured for three consecutive days, they were finally produced in court on August 7, 2016, as such they spent a total of three days in illegal custody of the police.

  1. As per Jaspreet Singh @ Jassa and Hardeep Singh they were nabbed by the CIA Staff Hoshiarpur and brutally tortured at the CIA Hoshiarpur Police Station. As per, Jaspreet Singh @ Jassa he does not know the full names of the Police officials who tortured him, however, he clearly remembers the nick name of one “Bunty”, who has been identified as Gurwinder Singh @ Bunty, Sub Inspector, posted at CIA Staff Hoshiarpur, who was heading around 15-20 men that brutally tortured him. Hardeep Singh on the other hand claims that if these men are shown to him for identification he will be able to identify them.

  1. Jaspreet Singh @ Jassa and Hardeep Singh further elaborated that their torturecontinued for three continuous days, stretching to late hours of the night. They describe their treatment as following;-

The moment they were brought inside the CIA staff police station, their religious symbols (Turban, Kirpan and underwear (Kachha), were sadistically removed and thrown on the ground with scant respect to their religious feelings. Next they were dragged and pulled by their hair and brutally tortured by stretching their bodies. The torture ranged from hitting a pair of Slippers on both ears which resulted in temporary loss of hearing, to being repeatedly electrocuted with a hand held electricity generator on various parts of their body including nipples, testicles, earlobes and nostrils. Both Jaspreet Singh @ Jassa and Hardeep Singh recollect that they were made to stand in the rain for hours without any clothes. Repeatedly both the youth were shown pistols by the CIA staff police officials, and while the Police officials cocked the chamber of their respective pistols they told the young boys that, “We will kill you in an false encounter and you will be able to do nothing about it”.

  1. Both Jaspreet Singh @ Jassa and Hardeep Singh vividly remember a man who sat at one end of the room and was responsible for curating the entire torture. It was at this person’s command that all other CIA staff police officials were mercilessly executing the torture. Jaspreet Singh @ Jassa and Hardeep Singh believe that this person was of the rank of Senior Superintendent of Police. His physical description was that of a clean shaven man, who fluently spoke and gave instructions in ‘Hindi’.

  2. The third youth,Kuldeep Singh was picked up by the CIA staff Hoshiarpur from his home in ShakhaMohala near Bhai Joga Singh Gurudwara on August 5, 2016 around 10 PM in the night. Kuldeep Singh has a 7th grade education, is not married and works as a driver of a private vehicle. He was also kept in illegal detention for three days and finally produced in front of the court on August 7, 2016. He too was beaten mercilessly, humiliated, stripped naked and repeatedly electrocuted with the hand wound generator. As per Kuldeep Singh, the three continuous days of torture have scared him for life.

  1. The fourth youth, Bikramjeet Singh is a 25 years old young boy with an Information Technology diploma from Sai college Amritsar and then a 14 months diploma from Singapore in English and Hospitality. Bikramjeet Singh has been in India for about an year now, he in unemployed and not married. On August 7, 2016 he was picked up by the Batala CIA staff police falling in Gurdaspur Police and brutally tortured until August 13, 2016. This makes his illegal detention the longest out of the four youth, i.e. 7 days of illegal detention. According to Bikramjeet Singh, he was tortured brutally and electrocuted multiple times and he can recognize the face of one of the CIA staff police official who was a turbaned police officer with a single star badge on his uniform, tied beard which was slightly turning white in color. Bikramjeet Singh says, that he will be able to identify his torturers if they are ever brought infront of him for identification. He also named a SHO by the name of Jagjit Singh, who had three stars on his uniform who transported him from Tanda to Hoshiarpur and was responsible for torturing Bikramjeet Singh.


Accused Brothers| Police Tortured Us And Also Offered Us Jobs To Confess To Sacrilege

A day after police released the two brothers arrested on the charges of sacrilege of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj , Both brother Rupinder Singh and Jaswinder Singh exposed Punjab Police and told that cops tortured them and offered police jobs to make them confess to having committed desecration at Bargari village in Faridkot district.

Panthic leaders Panthpreet Singh, Baljit Singh Daduwal and Daler Singh Kheriwale, brothers Rupinder Singh and Jaswinder Singh addressed mediapersons at a huge gathering near the gurdwara of their village, Panjgrain Khurd, in Moga district. They told that the Parkash Singh Badal government had lost face by their arrest.

Must Watch | Accused Brothers| Police Tortured Us And Also Offered Us Jobs To Confess To Sacrilege



Kulvir S. Barapind’s Torture, Extradition,& Civil Suit ;Tortured Sikh Leader Sues Indian Government In U.S. Courts

ICAAD is representing, on appeal, a Sikh political activist in India who is seeking damages in U.S. Courts from the Government of India and Punjab Police for being tortured while in police custody. Kulvir Singh Barapind, with assistance of the non-profit Sikh Alliance, is seeking remedy based on an extradition agreement between the U.S. and Indian governments, which explicitly stated that he would not be tortured under the Convention Against Torture (CAT).

Kulvir S. Barapind’s Torture, Extradition,& Civil Suit ;Tortured Sikh Leader Sues Indian Government In U.S. Courts





Shaheed Bhai Avtar Singh Shatrana | 06 August 1991

it was not only the militants who were being killed by the police in its custody but their sympathisers and relations were no exception. Avtar Singh Shatrana’s death in custody is a glaring example of this nature.


Shaheed Bhai Avtar Singh Shatrana



OUTJUSTICED | The Untold Story of Paramjeet Singh | 1990 | Illegal Confinement, Torture, Custodial Killings | Documentary on Human Rights Abuses in Punjab



OUTJUSTICED | The Untold Story of Paramjeet Singh | 1990 | Illegal Confinement, Torture, Custodial Killings | Documentary on Human Rights Abuses in Punjab




Sant Bhindranwale Exposed :- How to Heavily Tortured in Police Custody Shaheedi of Bhai Kulwant Singh Nagoke

After his arrest on 27th May 1982 ,

Bhai Kulwant singh Ji was heavily tortured in police custody during his interrogation and was the first to be killed in a false encounter on the 11 June 1982.
Arrested and heavily Tortured by Punjab Police
Makhan Singh Holdar
SSP bains
Harjit Singh
Bhur singh sepahi
Kehar Singh Narkharia

DSP Gubanchana Narkdhari


How to Plan of Fake Encounters

In a tell-all confessional account, former Police Inspector, Gurmeet Singh Pinky, reveals the sordid tale of kidnappings and fake encounters during anti-militancy operations. Pinky claims that he paid Rs 50 Lakh for his reinstatement in Police. He pleads innocence in a murder case in which he served a life sentence in jail. “If I admit to having witnessed 50 killings, why would I not admit to 51st,” he asks?

Gurmeet Singh Pinky, the once blue-eyed boy of senior officers, reveals how a Professor of PAU, Ludhiana, Rajinderpal Singh Bulara was kidnapped and killed in a fake encounter. He also reveals the “cat and mouse” game of police “CATS”.

The controversial Police Inspector gives an eye-witness account of how a suspected militant was shot in a police station by a senior officer. Pinky also reveals alleged connivance between certain top-level officials and militants.

Gurmeet Singh Pinky throws fresh light on the elimination of four members of the family of a militant by a Nihang Chief allegedly on the asking of a senior officer who faced a dastardly militant attack. He also reveals the custodial death due to torture of a suspect in a Police station in Chandigarh. None of these actions were inquired into.

The “killer cop”, Gurmeet Singh Pinky narrates how not only were some top militants caught and eliminated but even petty criminals were killed for money in “encounters”. Some senior officers also pocketed most of the award money meant for informers and field officers, Pinky claims.

Pinky claims that “secret funds” were being misused to defend cops facing criminal charges and pay off convicted cops and their families. The concluding episode also carries a “Secret” communication from IB Special Director to Punjab DGP, which gives out the unwritten “policy” in operation in Punjab during militancy days.

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