Stop The Senseless Killing In Kashmir| CDRO | 32+ Killed 400+ Injured in Clashes
Stop The Senseless Killing In Kashmir: Coordination of Democratic Rights Organizations (CDRO) Indian Forces Attacking Ambulances and Hospitals in Occupied Kashmir Press Release: Coordination of Democratic Rights Organizations, (CDRO), expresses grave concern at the situation in Kashmir which has seen […]

Stop The Senseless Killing In Kashmir| CDRO | 32+ ...

In India Cruelty against Muslims is celebrated. Alleged Cruelty against Animals (read Cows) and Hindu Goons will chase you to “death”. “Muslim” Transporters of “Cow” nearly lynched in Rajasthan on 31st May 2016. Truck set on fire. Mercilessly beaten in […]

“Muslim” Punishment For Transporting Cows In India | #MinoritiesInIndia ...

‪#‎BandarSena‬ ‪#‎HinduTerrorism‬ Government-Sponsored Hindu Terrorists traying to Challenge Sikhs Videos like these have been posted on social media by various Hindu Terrorist organizations to get publicity & create tensions in Punjab by giving threats to Sikh Nation. Read in Punjabi […]

Government Sponsored Hindu Terrorists Trying to Challenge Sikhs