Bitta Gets Bail In Case Of Making Obscene Gestures And Threatening Woman

CHANDIGARH: Facing charges of making obscene gestures while threatening a woman, the All India Anti Terrorist Front (AIATF) founder and Congress leader Maninderjit Bitta quietly appeared before an Ambala court on September 30. He surrendered in the court of judicial magistrate first class Kirti Vashisht and was released on bail after furnishing a bond of Rs 25,000.


According to Times of India (TOI), The court has fixed October 6 as the next date of hearing in the matter. Sources said that Bitta, who enjoys the Z-plus security, entered the court premises from the rear entry gate. He moved into the court and furnished the bail bond following the directions of the judicial magistrate.

Ambala police officials expressed ignorance about Bitta’s appearance in court by saying that it could be his private affair. The incident dates back to October 2011 when Bitta allegedly abused and threatened a woman activist Neelam Sharma. The event took place when Neelam was leading an agitation against Bitta at Mahesh Nagar area of Ambala.

The victim Neelam Sharma had filed the complaint to police that Bitta had sexually harrassed him and threatened to eliminate his family in 2011 when she had gone to protest against Bitta. She alleged that Bitta had also induldged in misconduct with some other girls in Chandigarh. She said that Bitta was not a nationalist but a traitor who raises slogans of patriotism in public and sexually harass women in private. She said that she has full faith in judiciary and will expose him in the court.

“He had tried to mislead the court as he claimed to be ill whereas he had been addressing political and personal functions in Mumbai, Karnal and other cities. We have moved a separate application about it,”

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