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Beat The Sikhs, Kill The Sikhs Then Blame The Sikhs – Just Another Ordinary Day For Panjab Police

The whole world is aware of the Panjab police track record of fake encounters, which many human rights organisations have investigated……and everyday, the Sikh Relief (SOPW) team works on cases where Panjab police have falsely arrested innocent Sikhs and charged them with fabricated cases……now, instead of carrying out a thorough investigation into the beadbi crime that took place in Bargari leading to the Panjab uprising, the police have hastily called a press conference on national TV declaring they have caught the culprits of this heinous crime.


Who are the culprits they have named? After alluding to an international conspiracy and claiming that ‘big powers’ are at play trying to destabilise Panjab, the police have declared:

1) Two suspects, 20-year-old Rupinder Singh and his brother, carried out the beadbi in Bargari. Rupinder Singh has severe spinal injuries (in photo with his father by his bedside), which he received when the police launched their lathi chargein Kotkapura. His picture flashed across the world because he refused to leave the protest even though he was obviously in pain, currently he is undergoing hospital treatment. His fellow villagers have vouched for him and stated that Rupinder was granted the responsibilty to take care of the torn ‘angs’ of the Guru Granth Sahib that were scattered across the village. Even the most basic inquiry by the police officers would have made that clear to them.

2) The international conspiracy – police claim that Rupinder Singh and his brother were part of an international conspiracy and they had handlers in both Dubai and Australia. Rupinder Singh did receive telephone calls from Dubai and assistance from Australia but this was because the photo of him injured had been widely circulated across the world and the international Sangat did not want to stand idly by, but wanted to ensure that this young Sikh got the proper medical attention he deserved. The Dubai telephone number which has been released by the police, belongs to an ordinary Sikh working in Dubai who saw the news of the police lathi charge and together with a large number of his colleagues and friends, they decided to donate money out of their earnings to help the victims. The link to Australia is similar in that an NRI Austrailian Sikh provided assistance to Rupinder’s father to cover Rupinder’s medical costs. Again, if the police had any ounce of intelligence they could easily have verified this story.

From the official police statements being put out across all the state controlled media outlets, only one conclusion can be arrived at….the police have deliberately doctored evidence and targeted these Sikh youths as the culprits in order to muddy the waters. The Panjab police have continually targeted Sikhs with false allegations, especially those who stand up and highlight the corruption in Panjab. In this case we must congratulate Panjab police, for making a mockery of their so-called ‘law and order’.

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