Day: September 30, 2017

Sikh News

Seven Kharku Arrested and Claim to Have Links with Babbar Khalsa by Punjab Police

Most of the accused don’t have a criminal record. Four of them are school dropouts in the age group of…
Sikh For Justice

Catalonia Referendum Matter ?? | SFJ Legal Adviser Gurpatwant Singh Pannun from Barcelona University

SFJ Support Catalonia referendum. Student of Catalan hope the referendum will go ahead on 1 October to decide whether Catalonia,…
Sikh For Justice

Sikh for Justice Team | Catalonia Referendum On 01 October 2017

Catalan independence referendum, 2017 The regional Government of Catalonia has set a referendum on Catalan independence (Catalonia referendum) for 1 October 2017.  This referendum was first called…
Damdami Taksal

Sant Bhindranwale Termed ‘Terrorist’ in Maharashtra School Book !!

Sant Bhindrawale should be removed from Maharashtra school syllabus: Dhumma. In the event of non-modification of the syllabus, the warning…