Day: May 31, 2016


Exposed :- Dhumma A Lackey Of KP Gill & Badal | Baba Lakha Singh | November 14, 2007 | Khalsa Press

Amritsar Sahib (KP) – Purported Damdami Taksal Chief, Baba Harnaam Singh Dhumma, has once again come under scrutiny. Dhumma, who…
Punjab Police

Mandeep Singh Arrested by Punjab Police While Holidaying In India From Canada | Friends & Family Find It Hard To Believe Panjab Police’s Story About His Arrest

Last week Panjab Police arrested two Sikhs; one was Mandeep Singh from Jagraon whom police claim to be a member…
Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale

Exposed Dhumma :- Shaheed General Shabeg Singh Ji’s Brother Meets With Dhadrianwale | Sardar Beant Singh Khiala At Parmeshar Dwar

Sardar Beant Singh Khiala visited Parmeshar Dwar on Monday 30 May 2016 to meet with Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale.…
Punjab Police

“Arvinder Singh” Send To Police Custody For 7 Days by Jagraon Police | Remand

 Sikh young Mandeep Singh and Arvinder Singh arrested by the Jagraon police last week. Read in Punjabi News via  Sikh Sangharsh Click…